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Valucha Killa (वाळूचा किल्ला)

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Author : Vyankatesh Madgulkar Publisher : Mehta Publishing House
Translator : - Category : कथा संकिर्ण
ISBN No. : 9788184983852


Valucha Killa is a one of the famous marathi book. Valucha Killa is written by Vyankatesh Madgulkar. 

वाळूच्या किल्ल्याचं अस्तित्व केवळ क्षणभंगूर असतं, पण एका चिमुरडीसाठी ते शाश्र्वत ठरविण्याची धडपड करावी लागते.... हणमंताचं वागणं हे केवळ वेडसरपणा नाही, तर ते एक क्रौर्य आहे... अनिकेतला कळून चुकलं की, आता काही घडणार नाही; आषाढ, श्रावण, आश्विन, कार्तिक... सगळं सारखंच.... पहिलवान गड्यांनाही न जुमानणार्‍या एका खोंडापुढे तेरा वर्षांची लिलू धिटाईनं उभी राहिली, त्या दोघांमधलं नातं खास होतं... एका राजाला व्याधिमुक्तीसाठी वैद्याच्या औषधांपेक्षा एक ‘धक्का’ रामबाण उपाय ठरला.... ‘वाळूच्या किल्ल्या’ सारखा असणारा मानवी भावभावनांचा हा बंध... आपल्या सजग लेखणीतून ‘तात्यांनी’ साकारला आहे.

We all know that a sand castle has hardly any life. Yet, we all try to make it as concrete as possible so as to extend its life by a mere few more moments, just for the sake of a child. We struggle a lot for that. We give cent percent efforts for that. Hanmant's behaviour cannot be categorized as an act of insanity, in fact, it is an act of cruelty… Aniket has realized that now nothing new is going to take place. All the months right from Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik….. everything is same. Lilu stood firmly before the big bull, the one whom none of the strong wrestlers were able to control. She simply had some 'connection' with the big and strong bull…One king, he was illstricken. He tried many medicines and therapies. But a 'shock' seemed to be the remedy…Tatya has penned down many of the human natures, none stronger than a sand castle.

// Valucha Killa is a famous book of all time.

// Best / top marathi book of all time.

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Publisher Mehta Publishing House
Auther Vyankatesh Madgulkar
Translator -
Edition 2013/07 - 3rd/2000
Weight 0.980000
Pages 84
Language Marathi
Binding Paper Bag
ISBN No. 9788184983852
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