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Memories Of Midnight

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Author : Sidney Sheldon Publisher : IBD (Distributor)
Translator : - Category : Fiction
ISBN No. : 9788172234898

MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT - The internationally best-selling 'The Other Side of Midnight' was dominated by the man who is Sheldon's most magnificent creation…
The plot of Memories of Midnight takes off from the ending of The Other Side of Midnight, where Catherine Douglas is recovering in a convent. The world except Constantin Demiris, known as Costa, thinks that Catherine has been killed by her husband, Larry Douglas, and his mistress, Noelle Page. But Catherine wants to discover herself and know who she is. The only thing she knows is that her name is Catherine Alexander. She requests to see the world outside the convent to reveal her past. This request is granted by the Sister of the convent, but only after getting the approval from their multimillionaire mentor, Constantin Demiris. It is in Greece that she realizes that her husband and his mistress tried to kill her. She remembers them trying to drown her, and this becomes a recurring dream. When she tells all this to Costa, he is a bit angry as he didn’t want her uncovering her past, as she is the last link to the case in which Larry and Noelle were wrongly accused of killing her and sentenced to death. So he sends her off to London to work in one of his offices. At this time, Constantin Demiris seems like a benefactor to Catherine.
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Publisher IBD (Distributor)
Auther Sidney Sheldon
Translator -
Edition 22th/2014
Weight 0.215000
Pages 292
Language English
Binding Paperback
ISBN No. 9788172234898
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