Krounchwadh (क्रौंचवध)

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क्रौंचपक्ष्याचे एक जोडपे सुखाने झाडावर प्रणयक्रीडा करीत बसले होते. एका पारध्याने बाणाने त्यातले एक पाखरू मारले.

Krounchwadh is a soulful story. Krounchwadhis written by V S Khandekar.

Krounchwadh is a story tell us, once upon a time, a couple of herons was engrossed in lovemaking. Suddenly, a hunter came over there and with his bow and arrow killed one of the herons. The bird which was killed instantly collapesed from the tree. Upon seeing this, the partner of the bird gave out a loud out cry. It started wailing in grief. So loud and true was the sorrow that Saint Valmiki was touched by the it. The pain he experienced started flowing out in the form of "shlokas'.