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Majedar Origami (मजेदार ओरिगामी)

Majedar Origami (मजेदार ओरिगामी)

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ORIGAMI म्हणजे कागदाला घड्या. जपानहून वहात आलेली आणि जगभर पसरलेली ही कला.

Origami means folding paper. Origami is a Japnese art spread all over the world. Majedar Origami book help us to learn origami art. 

// Majedar Origami is a famous book of all time.

// Best / top marathi book of all time

Author :Anil Awachat
Publisher :Majestic Publishing House
Binding :Paperback
Pages :64
Language :Marathi
Edition :3rd/2013
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