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Prakashavata (प्रकाशवाटा)

Prakashavata (प्रकाशवाटा)

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हेमलकसाला आम्ही ज्या विपरीत परिस्थितीत काम करत होतो ते पाहून लोक आम्हाला वनवासातल्या राम-सीतेची उपमा द्यायचे. पण मी तर म्हणतो, की सीतेला सोनेरी हरणाच्या कातड्याचा तरी मोह झाला होता. मंदाला मात्र कसलाच मोह कधीही झाला नाही. अबोलपणे पण खंबीरपणे ती आयुष्यभर काम करत राहिली.

Prakashvata is written by Magasaya Award winner Prakash Amte and Mandakini Amte. Prakashvata book deals with trials and tribulations of Prakash and Manda Aamte's life in Hemalkasa, district Gadhchiroli in Maharashtra. Prakashvata is written by the great social worker Prakash Baba Amte about the life of Hemalkasa. Prakashva book is bestseller book 

Depicting the journey from initiating the "Lokbiradari Prakalp" till date. Their endeavor was to bring "Madiya Gond" Tribes from this area to the forefront. These tribals were not exposed to the modern life, they had no opportunities to prove themselves in the world, they had no means of educaton or subsistence. Under Baba Aamte's guidance, blessings he, his wife, Dr. Manda, his brother, Dr. Vikas performed this work and this is a story of how this dream turned into reality at a place called Hemalkasa.

//Prakashvata is one of the famous marathi.

ISBN No. :8479
Author :Prakash Aamte Dr
Publisher :Samakalin Prakashan
Translator :Seema Bhanu
Binding :Paperback
Pages :155
Language :Marathi
Edition :35th/2017 - 1st/2009
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