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Jhool (झूल)

Jhool (झूल)

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‘झूल’ च्या शेवटी चांगदेवच्या संवेदनांच्या यात्रेला अंतिमता प्राप्त होताना दिसते. बाहेर पावसात उभा राहून मातीचा वास घेताना त्याच्या जीवनयात्रेच्या शोधाचे रहस्य त्याला कळते. महानुभावी गोसाव्यसारखी त्याची ‘स्थिती’ होते. त्याच्या अस्तित्वाचे प्रयोजन त्याला कळल्यावर तो म्हणतो, “हा अवघा डोंगर पोकळ असे. कोणी इथले रिगणेनिगणे जाणे ना. मी अनादीचा अस्वस्थ गा. माते अस्वस्थाते स्वस्थ कीजो गा. हे घनघोर उग्र सृष्टितत्त्वा, मला शुद्ध जीव कर की जेणेकरुन मी निखळ जीवसत्त्व होईन.” चांगदेवच्या जीवनाचे हे सारतत्व आहे.

Jhool marathi book tell us our deem education system. Zhool is written by Bhalchandra Nemade. Bhalchandra Vanaji Nemade is a  writer, poet, critic and linguistic scholar from , . Beginning with his debut novel , Nemade brought new dimensions to the world of . This was followed by a tetralogy consisting of novels Bidhar, Hool, Jareela and Jhool. In 2013, Nemade published his Magnum Opus titled  which is regarded as his masterpiece. Nemade is a recipient of the  as well as the , the highest literary honour in India. In 2013, he was bestowed with the 

Nemade covers a broad range of topics in Jhool book with degradation of our education system, to casteist college politics to existentialism. Nemadedoes this in a unique way by using all the flavors of marathi language, and with normal dialogues that people have with each other.

The best thing about this book is that the narrator of this book could be any one of us, Changdev Patil represent each and everyone of us, who trying to find something meaningful in life, but keep on drifting due to it.

He knows what's wrong with our system and our culture, but he is not able to change it. At the end he gives up and becomes a part of the system, and he loses not only his identity but himself doing it.

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ISBN No. :9788171852338
Author :Bhalachandra Nemade
Publisher :Popular Prakashan Pvt Ltd
Binding :Paperback
Pages :211
Language :Marathi
Edition :5th/2016 - 1st/1979
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