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Rich Dad Poor Dad (रिच डॅड पुअर डॅड )

Rich Dad Poor Dad (रिच डॅड पुअर डॅड )

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जगभरातील अब्जावधी लोकांच्या पैशाबद्दल विचार करण्याच्या पध्दतीला रॉबर्ट कियोसाकींनी आव्हान दिले व ती बदलून टाकली. रूढीबध्द शहाणपणाला सहसा छेद देणा-या दृष्टीकोनामुळे, रॉबर्ट यांची सडेतोड बोलण्याबद्दल परखडपणाबद्दल व धीटपणाबद्दल प्रसिध्दी आहे.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is the Marathi translation of (RICH DAD POOR DAD - Robert Kiyosaki's) bestselling book. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you to think like the rich and explains how money works, giving you the secrets about money that rich teach their children. By reading this book you'll better understand the power that your thinking can have on your life. If you are looking for financial freedom, then Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great place to start your learning process. Rich dad poor Dad give us great financial lession. Rich dad Poor Dad is the best seller of NewYork times. 

//RICH DAD POOR DAD is one of the famous book.

ISBN No. :9788183220378
Author :Robert Kiyosaki
Publisher :Manjul Publishing House
Translator :Abijeet Thite
Binding :Paperback
Pages :201
Language :Marathi
Edition :17th/2017 - 1st/2006
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