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Heart of darkness

Heart of darkness

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As  captain of a steamship with the Company, a Belgian colonial organisation, Marlow is sent to the congo River to transport ivory. While there, he hears of a man named Kurtz, in charge of the Company's Inner Station, who is renowned for his ability to gather ivory from the deepest nooks of the continent. Marlow and his crew both Europeans and locals-embark on a journey to the Inner Station. But it is hampered with obstacles, and Marlow supspects they're designed to kepp him from reaching Kurtz with supplies. Rumours abound that Kurtz is ill, but Marlow suupects something else: that Kurtz, living as a god amongst men in the "Heart of Darkness', has possibly gone mad. 

Marlow had set of on his voyage optimistic, in eager anticipation of the unknown. But as he ventures deeper into the continent, he is horrified at the e evils of imperalism and how it taints everyone involved, changing him irrevocably. 

ISBN No. :9788195213016
Author :Joseph Conrad
Publisher :IBD (Distributor)
Binding :paperbag
Pages :120
Language :English
Edition :2017
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