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Maitra (मैत्र)

Maitra (मैत्र)

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Pages: 196

Edition: Latest

Binding: Paperback



धागे मैत्रीचे ह्या पुस्तकात पुलंनी आयुष्यातल्या सुखदुःखात सहभागी होणाऱ्या व्यक्तींचं रेखाटन केलं आहे. मित्र आणि मैत्री ह्यांच्या विषयीच्या भावना आणि मैत्रीतील निखळ प्रेमाचं दर्शनही ते वाचकांना घडवतात. मैत्रीच्या धाग्यांमधील विविध छटाही वाचकांपुढं ठेवल्यानं पुस्तक रंजक झाले आहे.

Maitra book contains life sketches of the unsung heroes who had given their valuable contribution in their respective fields. Throughout the Maitra book, Sir. Pu. La. Deshpande describes their struggle in bringing about positive change in human society and express his gratitude in his richly proficient language.
Maitra book is serious one and he has express of being privileged in meeting these unsung Heroes.


ISBN No. :9789350910566
Author :P L Deshpande
Publisher :Mauj Prakashan Gruha
Binding :Paperback
Pages :196
Language :Marathi
Edition :Latest
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