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Ek Hota Carver (एक होता कार्व्हर)

Ek Hota Carver (एक होता कार्व्हर)

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अधिकाधिक उपभोगांच्या हव्यासामुळे, एका विचित्र वळणावर सारी मानवजात येऊन ठेपली आहे. आता आपल्या सर्वांपुढे केवळ दोनच पर्याय उरलेले आहेत. नैसर्गिक साधनसंपत्तीचा विनाश करणा-या आजवरच्या या आत्मघातकी मार्गावर हताशपणे वाटचालकरायची किंवा परत मागे फिरून काव्हरने दाखवलेल्या नैसर्गिक साधनसंपत्तीच्या संवर्धन-विकास-उपयोग-पुनर्भरण या शाश्वत कॄषिसंस्कॄतीचा स्वीकार करायचा. भावी पिढयांच्या सुख-समॄद्धीचा पाया घालायचा असेल तर प्रत्येक सुजाण नागरिकाने वाचायलाच हवे असे पुस्तक.


Held more than 30 years ago, Veena Gavankar’s biography of African-American scientist and agriculturist George Washington Carver, has remained one of the bestsellers in Marathi literature even today.

A gripping story about a man and his determination to succeed amidst hardship and hurdles, the book not only captures the essence of perseverance, but also beautifully portrays how the desire and a thirst for knowledge indeed, does lead to greatness.

Dubbed by the Times magazine in 1941 as the “Black Leonardo”, Carver’s contributions to the fields of botany and agriculture are immense. His courage and conviction, to get an education in spite of growing up in a society ridden with prejudice and reeking with the aftermath of the apartheid, is astutely covered by the author.

Short, simple and neatly written, Gavankar has touched every aspect of the life and struggles of Carver, his achievements and his many talents. Known as the Peanut Man in America and all around the world today, Carver is said to be the man behind the development of the quintessential American spread, the peanut butter. His message - about persevering in the face of adversity and making something out of whatever one has in life - is simply but clearly depicted, and this biography has served as an inspiration to hundreds of Indians all over the country.

Ek Hota Carver, which began as a result of a mother’s search for bedtime stories for her children, has been on the best-selling Marathi literature for over 30 years, from the time it was first published. Soon to be available as an audiobook, Ek Hota Carver has also had the distinction of being run into 34 editions.

//Ek Hota Carver is a famous narathi bok.

//Best / Top Marathi book of all time.

ISBN No. :9788174348197
Author :Veena Gavankar
Publisher :Rajhans Prakashan
Binding :Paperback
Pages :184
Language :Marathi
Edition :Latest
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