About Us

About Akshardhara

A name dedicated to promote reading and love for Marathi Literature amongst the masses. Since inception, it’s been flowing uninterruptedly across various regions. Meeting People, involving them into its flow and bringing writers and readers on one common platform.






The origin of Akshardhara, Maharashtra’s most popular ‘Movable Book Exhibition’, days back 22 years ago (since 1994). It all started with a will to take Matrathi Literature to every door step all across the World. It aims to meet, interact and greet the Marathi Loving Community worldwide. In 2008, We started ‘Maay Marathi Shabdotsav’, a one of its kind Marathi Book Fair in the Country. This show not only exhibits a vivid collection of Marathi Literature but also organizes events like seminar, interviews of renowned Marathi authors.

This has created a platform where readers interact with authors and achieve deep insights. Right from the inception, Akshardhara has been immensely successful in promoting Marathi language with four ways of mass appeal i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Flag off

Akshradhara is founded and also conduct by Ramesh Rathiwadekar. The journey of Akshardhara flagged off on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami on 13th October 1994 at Dombiwali. It marked the debute of Exhibitions. From an unassuming beginning Akshardhara went on exploring destinations all across Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Today it has overtaken a record 570 Exhibitions mark and marching ahead towards new heights of excellence. In a littele time span, Akshardhara has become a name synonymous with Marathi Literature and created its own place in the millions Marathi hearts.


Over the last 22 years, Akshardhara is reaching destinations, meeting people and spreading the wealth of Marathi Literature amongst the discerning readers. Today we have successfully added large reader base to our credit.

The objectives behind the inception of Akshardhara are now yielding rewards. It has been taking knowledge to million doorsteps and that’s our achievement.

Akshardhara Book Gallery

Akshardhara Book Galleries are most famous book stores in Pune. Akshardhara started two book galleries in book lovers' Pune.

In 2013's visit to Akshardhara, great lyricist, poet Gulzar stated that..."Where shops of books are galleries, The school should be named Temples of knowledge, It’s the most intimate place of books and authors, I have come across in my love !”

Akshardhara Book Gallary


1. Over one lakh books on display, covering 300+ Publishers in Exhibitions & Book Gallery.

2. Special section for rare and antique books featuring Geeta Press, Ramkrishna Math, Sahitya Akademi, National Book Trust (NBT), Sahitya Sanskruti Mandal, Vinoba Sahitya, Gandhism, Feminism, Prudentialism, etc

3. Our Book Gallery and Exhibitions gives user friendly displays, comfy lights, allowing visitors greater freedom and convenience.

4. Special sections of popular Marathi authors is one of the remarkable specifications of Akshardhara Book Gallery.

5. Huge Collection that includes Stories, Fictions, Novels, Biographies, Autobiographies, Social, Political, Lalit, Drama, Poerty, Science & Technology, Agriculture, Cookery, Religion, Astrology, Tourism, Criticism, Computer, Personality Development, Dictionaries and Health, etc.



  • Akshardhara has become a part of the revolutionary benchmarks in promoting Marathi Language and Literature. Leaping beyond the business policies, it is deeply rooted into the social commitments. Initiatives like ‘Mobile Book Vans’ outline its quest to reach all the possible territories and promote Marathi. Organizing exhibitions in rural areas.

  • With a passion for innovation, we organize a host of cultural, literary and infotainment events at out exhibition sites. Our most popular offering, ‘Sahitya Sanskriti Kalamanch’ is brainchild of this passion. This event features seminars, group discussions, interviews of authors, experiments, reading and recitation, etc. This event has been a huge success with a phenomenal response from the readers and visitors.

  • In Pune ‘Kusumagraj Vachak Katta’ is one of the innovative place to explore through Literary & Cultural programs. This Vachak Katta is dedication to Great Marathi Poet V. V. Shirawadkar (Kusumagraj).


  • Right from the inception Akshardhara has been greeted with a phenomenal response from the readers from all sections of the society. An ever increasing list of supporters and participators include renowned Writers, Poets, Columnists, Journalists, Leaders, Social-Political Personalities, Critics, Researchers, Students, Publishers, Youth etc.

  • Blessings and enouragements from the Dyanpith Award Winner Marathi Literary legends like Late Shri. V. V. Shirawadkar (Kusumagraj), Late Shri. Vinda Karandikar and Bhalchandra Nemade guide us all the way. Similarly the support and participation of the noted Celebrity, Authors like Vikram Gokhale, Dilip Prabhavalakar, Anil Avchat, Achyut Godbole, Sonali Kulakarni, Rahul Solapurkar, Amruta Subhash, Mrinal Kulkarni & Lyricist Gulzar.

Special Support...

  • Kusumagraj
  • Vinda Karandikar
  • Vikram Gokhale
  • Dilip Prabhavalakar
  • Anil Avchat
  • Achyut Godbole
  • Sonali Kulakarni
  • Rahul Solapurkar
  • Amruta Subhash
  • Mrinal Kulkarni
  • Gulzar

Memorable Guidance of...

  • Pro. Shivajirao Bhosale
  • Shri. Babasaheb Purandare
  • Dr. D. B. Kulakarni
  • Shanta Shelke
  • Indira Sant
  • Grace
  • Bhalachandra Nemade
  • Dr. Shriram Lagu
  • Sandip Vaslekar
  • Dilip Majgaonkar
  • Shri. / Dr. Arun Tikekar *
  • Pro. R. G. Jadhav
  • Shri. D. M. Mirasdar
  • Dr. H. V. Sardesai
  • Shri. Aravind Inamdar
  • Shri. Anil Avchat
  • Shri. Achyut Godbole
  • Shri. Mangesh Tendulkar
  • Shri. Shankar Sarda
  • Dr. Veena Dev
  • Dr. Aruna Dhere
  • Dr. Nilima Gundi
  • Dr. V. B. Deshpande
  • Shri. Appasaheb Parachure
  • Shri. Sunil Chavan
  • Shri. Rajendra Deshpande
  • Pro. Milind Joshi